Imgur Album Downloader

Imgur Album Downloader

Thank Daniel Schep for this cool web tools!

But this has a big problem, it eats too much ram! So I modify it to use with DownThemAll! and now can download images in the order (use on Firefox only).

    1. Enter
    2. Enter your Album ID > Click Load button
    3. Right-click, choose DownThemAll! or Tools > DownThemAll! Tools > DownThemAll!
      Imgur Album Downloader
    4. Switch to tab Links, select images which you want (where to save, Marks option…), then click Start button
      Imgur Album Downloader

WorldCosplay Downloader

This tool is not more supported, but you can use this (with DownThemAll) instead.


Use to download image on
Download follow:

  • Link
  • Submissions
  • Cosplays
  • As a Photographer
  • As a Touch-Up Artist
  • Props Made
  • As a Make-up Artist
  • Collaborations
  • Favorites

Update v.16: fix error …

Update v1.5: fix error, add button output to .txt

Update v1.0: Change UI

Download tool here.