WorldCosplay Downloader

This tool is not more supported, but you can use this (with DownThemAll) instead.


Use to download image on
Download follow:

  • Link
  • Submissions
  • Cosplays
  • As a Photographer
  • As a Touch-Up Artist
  • Props Made
  • As a Make-up Artist
  • Collaborations
  • Favorites

Update v.16: fix error …

Update v1.5: fix error, add button output to .txt

Update v1.0: Change UI

Download tool here.


20 thoughts on “WorldCosplay Downloader

  1. Rainbow El says:

    Thanks for the software, it works great!
    I have a suggestion if possible.

    Can you make a login field, where we can use our credential to access worldcosplay?

    I noticed that the software, while it download the pictures, it doesn’t doenload the hi-res one, or it download them in low-res.

    THank you!


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